Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Rant

Ever since March of 2006 I have desperately wanted to buy a PSP for the sole purpose of playing Me and My Katamari. If there is one thing in this crazy world that just makes sense to me it is the Katamari games. I mean what could be better than rolling up crazy, colorful Japanese objects in order to turn them into some sort of cosmic object like a star, planet, satellite, etc. It seemed kind of stupid and wasteful to blow a couple hundred dollars on a game system for just one game. Don’t get me wrong, I sought out a 360 so I could play Beautiful Katamari, but I was able to get my hands on one for free. Anyway, I finally broke down and bought one on Ebay the other day. I downloaded the game from the Playstation store and was ready to go. Then I realized the card it came with only held 32 MB. What is even the point of that? What can you possibly put on a card that size that will be useful? I went out to get a new card, but of course Sony makes it a stupid size so it’s hard to find in stores. As if this wasn’t frustration enough, I went to the nearby Target and Walmart. Neither of the stores even carried a memory card for a PSP/PS3. What the fuck. How stupid does a store have to be to not carry something that is pretty vital to have with those systems now a days. BOOOOO. Boo to you Target for not carrying the video game accessories I need. Boo to you Walmart for having a video game section that just plain sucks. And boo to you Sony for making it harder to get the memory card I need. (I totally just ordered it online when I got home, but I’ve had to wait a couple of days already. That may not seem like long but factor in I’ve been wanting to play this since 2006.) Boo to waiting!