Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Fart Facts

I enjoyed the fun fart facts so much yesterday that I couldn’t help but find some more. I mean farts are fun. Anyone who thinks fart jokes aren’t funny clearly have no sense of humor.

1. Men and women fart the same. One sex hasn’t been proven to fart more than the other.
2. It is possible to freeze farts. How? No clue, but I’d like to see one.
3. Most farts take place while sleeping.
4. Herring fart to communicate with each other. Think of all those cute little fish bubbles.
5. Fart fossils have been found. What!?
6. The sound of farts is caused by vibrations from the anal opening.
7. Most farts come from swallowing air. As a result people fart more if they chew with their mouth open, smoke or chew gum. All of which are annoying so suck on that!
8. In Japan there were fart contest measuring length and volume. No surprise here.

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