Friday, January 20, 2012

Attack of the Katy Perry

I’ll admit there are many people I could do without, but hands down, one of the worst is Katy Perry. She seems to have no real personality, consistently looks ridiculous, can’t sing and is EVERYWHERE. Every time she tries to hit a high note I cringe. Hearing her songs is painful enough. I don’t need her infiltrating my fun space. That’s why when I found out there will be a special addition of the new Sims 3 expansion pack dedicated to her I became utterly disgusted. Booooo!!!!! I expect more from the fine people of the Sims. Why couldn’t they pick someone better or at least have several options? I don’t know. At least there is a non-Katy Perry version. Boooo to her!!!! Oh and this nice little clip always seems to brighten my day.

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  1. Everything about that is too awesome.