Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alex Mack and Her Hats

I was reading an interview with people that were involved with the Nickelodeon show The Secret World of Alex Mack earlier today and one of the things Larisa Oleynik talked about was still owning many of Alex's hats. Then I saw this.

Games I Could Be Playing Now

If only I wasn't at work right now I could maybe be off somewhere playing one of these awesome games I loved playing as a kid.

I'm not sure why but it's awfully fun to place wet marbles on a tissue hoping it doesn't tear. "Place a marble on the ice, but watch out! You are on thin ice, you are on thin ice!"

More falling marbles! It was always really satisfying when an opponent pulled out a stick and so many marbles fell down the tube.

Nothing can truly compare to the Pop-O-Matic Bubble. Trouble is really similar to Sorry. You can send people back to start if you land on the same space, but something about that pop-o-matic bubble makes this game pure magic.

Any game that involves Play-Doh is pretty sweet. When you add a big plastic hand meant to smash things it only gets better.

Sure most of the game is spent setting up the trap and the fun trapping part only lasted a couple of seconds but the anticipation made it worth it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Barbara

I think this may be the best promo I've ever seen for a show. I mean really what could be better than hearing Jenelle's mom Barbara from Teen Mom 2 saying Keifer over and over again? Not much.

I really wish she had her own show where she counseled troubled teens. I know it wouldn't be very efficient or anything, but I'd get to here Barbara calling out a bunch of kids. It'd be pretty awesome.

Yesterday Was A Productive Day

This is what I got accomplished at work. The Before:

And then the After:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Pic From Catching Fire

I'm really excited to see some pictures have come out showing the filming for the next Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. I'm pretty excited about this one since it's my favorite book in the series. Woo Woo. Only 360 more days.

Stuff I Type Into Google

I like to type a word or two into Google to see what pop up as the most popular searched for items. This time I typed "will a "

The results:

- will a fox eat a cat
- will a praying mantis bite
- will a gun fire in space
- will a man rob god
- will a fortune
- will a zombie apocalypse happen
- will a 22 kill a person
- will a cheater ever change

The last one is my favorite. Well that and will a fortune. The only thing I can think of is people searching for Wheel of Fortune, but can that many people really be that stupid? Sadly they probably can.

A. C. Slater And His Love of Ridiculous Dancing

Monday, November 26, 2012

I Got Annihilated

I did get my nice fix of Mortal Kombat Annihilation. It was even more ridiculous than I remembered which is just what I needed during a Thanksgiving Day food coma.

I've Got Rancor Fever

I never knew that there were so many different rancor toys made. Here are a few I found.

Farewell iCarly

This past Friday the very last episode of iCarly aired. I'm pretty bummed about this because I love the show. My sister turned me onto it. I used to think she was weird for watching iCarly all the time until I watched a few episodes and realized that it's a really great show. It seems like a lot of kids shows today are pretty crappy, but this show is definitely an exception. Also, it introduced me to one of my favorite television characters, Sam Puckett. Nothing is greater than a girl that loves to eat meat and hit people with a butter sock. I'm sad to see the show end but am happy that Sam is getting a show of her own. It makes the end of iCarly a little less bitter and little more sweet.

A Liz and Dick Letdown

I don't think there is a single person (except Lindsay Lohan) that thought the Lifetime movie Liz and Dick would be good in anyway. After seeing the commercials for it I thought it looked bad but in the super entertaining way. I was wrong. This movie was so bad that it wasn't even funny. Mostly it was just boring. I knew I'd never be able to actually seen Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor but maybe the surroundings and story could at least project the idea of Elizabeth Taylor. That did not happen. It was just all bad. The worst parts were when Lindsay (as Elizabeth) was acting in a film. I'm pretty sure she's never watched Cleopatra or Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. And then there were these weird cut scenes where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were being interviewed by someone. Both were dressed all in black sitting in all black surroundings. It was strange. I never thought a story about Elizabeth Taylor could be boring, but this one definitely was.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My New Favorite Lego

I swear, the Gollum lego is one of the greatest things ever. From his teeth to that insane look in his eye he's pretty perfect.

I Really Want To Watch This Now

I don't know what it is, but I have a super urge to watch Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Some people may love the first one more, but this one is my favorite. Oh and I totally remember watching this in the theater.

Cupcakes Turkey Style

For Thanksgiving it seems that lots of people really get into making turkey themed cupcakes. Some are pretty impressive while others look like craft projects. Here are several different types I found.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Only A Little Over Four Months Until New Game of Thrones

Not long at all.

Because Cats Love Thanksgiving Too

One Reason Why I Love The Henchmen

I've been watching a lot of The Venture Brothers lately and felt I should give some props to Henchmen 21 and 24.

Teen Mom 2 Baby Daddy Branching Out

The new season of Teen Mom 2 started which is exciting for me just so I can get those magical glimpses of Jenelle's mom Barbara. This premier offered something else rather entertaining. Kailyn's baby daddy Jo has released a music video on You Tube and it's pretty entertaining. Sure, not in the way he intended but entertaining all the same.

Cupcakes - Food Edition

It's almost Thanksgiving and what could be more fun than desserts that look like Thanksgiving food.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oz: The Great and Powerful

A brand new trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful has been released and I'm excited. I love the Oz books and am Return to Oz was definitely one of my favorite movies growing up. It will be fun to see how all of the characters in this one wind up turning into the versions of themselves seen in the original movie.

Here’s the film’s synopsis: When Oscar Diggs (Franco), a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics, is hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot–fame and fortune are his for the taking–that is until he meets three witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams), who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone’s been expecting. Reluctantly drawn into the epic problems facing the Land of Oz and its inhabitants, Oscar must find out who is good and who is evil before it is too late. Putting his magical arts to use through illusion, ingenuity–and even a bit of wizardry–Oscar transforms himself not only into the great and powerful Wizard of Oz but into a better man as well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zombies of the Disney Variety

I saw these pictures of the Disney princesses as zombies and liked them a lot. I think they look better as the undead.

Today's Teen Moment

Brought to you by Beverly Hills 90210

Because some times when you go to a house party it catches on fire while you're in a fancy bathroom in the basement and no one knows where you are.

I Would Kill It as a Paperboy

Recently I have been itching to play some Paperboy. I don't know why it hasn't been added to downloadable games for the Wii yet. It's kind of the best. I got the game when I was pretty young, but it hasn't lost its charm yet. Maybe that's because I'm super awesome at it. Anyway, while I sit and think about how much I want to be playing Paperboy right now I guess these pictures will have to be enough. Come on Wii, give me Paperboy!!!