Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No More Teen Mom Ever!

Even though the series finale of the original Teen Mom aired last month, last night a reunion/ where are they now episode aired. I’ve never really been a fan. (now Teen Mom 2 is a whole other story due to the fact it has Jenelle and her oh-so-amazing mother, Barbara) . So what happens when you’re a teen mom who has a television crew following you around on a regular basis?

If you’re Farrah, you still seem pretty annoying and self-involved. I’m not going to even get into that horrible song she released. At least she moved away from her hot mess of a family and is able to support her daughter and her self.

If you’re Maci you’re single, living with friends and focusing on school. Her and her son’s father seen to be getting along okay which is an improvement. Also, her baby daddy surprisingly moved out of his parents’ house. It’s about time.

If you’re Catelynn you are planning your wedding to your baby daddy who happens to be the son of her mother’s husband. (I know!) They are the only couple to still be together, but that’s probably due to the fact they placed their daughter up for adoption. Seeing what a mess their family lives are like it is the best thing they could have done for her.

And if you’re Amber you go to jail. She wasn’t there since she is serving her five year sentence she chose over going to rehab. Such a classy one.

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