Friday, August 24, 2012

Douchy McGee

Last night I happened to catch an episode of Project Runway. It’s a good show to watch while you try to sew together costumes. I couldn’t get over just how douchy the contestant Ven is. The whole challenge centered around makeovers for “real women”. This didn’t necessarily mean plus size or anything. It just meant a variety of regular, everyday women. Ven happened to get a woman who was bigger than the average size 2, 5’ 11” model. The whole time he worked on her outfit he kept talking about how unfair it was that he got a bigger lady. He even repeatedly told her how all the accessories in the workroom were just too small to fit her. He said a lot of unflattering things to her face, and it was pretty awful. She was, after all, his client. His job was to not only make her look good but to also make her happy. In the end he managed to do neither. The thing that really baffled me is that Ven is no twig himself. He’s bigger than the lady whose weight he kept putting down. He needs to take a long look in the mirror and learn the value of thinking and not saying. Booo Ven.

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