Friday, January 4, 2013

Lil Miss

One of the first Christmases I remember clearly was when I got a Lil Miss Makeup doll. Not only did I get the coolest doll a five year old could dream for, but I got the deluxe Triple Change Lil Miss Makeup which had three different outfit options (one of which included a super awesome sweatband). Apparently the magic of dousing a doll’s face with warm and cold water brought me endless joy because I continued on in the Lil Miss collection deciding I needed all of the dolls that followed.

I believe Lil Miss Magic Hair was next. Now instead of rubbing water all over my doll’s face I could use the magic hairbrush to change her hair color and also draw what I’m sure were really crappy designs in her hair.

Lil Miss Dress Up was maybe my favorite. Part of her hair could change colors like Lil Miss Magic Hair’s, but she had a super awesome skirt and vest you could draw on with your magic pens. They would go from pink to blue and vice versa. The reason I loved this one so much is because it reminded me of the hypercolor shirts my older sister had. They went from blue to pink/ pink to blue also so it made me feel like I had a pretty stylin doll.

And then there was Lil Miss Mermaid. I got really excited when she came out because we had a pool in the backyard and spent endless hours putting diving rings around our ankles pretending to be mermaids. When you put her into water the colors on her tail changed color. Also, she sang. It sounded kind of like the song the disguised Ursala from The Little Mermaid sang to entice Prince Eric.

Lil Miss Magic Jewels was next. She had a wand that could attach jewels to hair or dress. At the time I didn’t have a bedazzler, but I did have Lil Miss Magic Jewels.

Wee Lil Miss Bedtime was smaller than the previous dolls. Cold water mad her eyes close, and she came with pajamas.

Wee Lil Miss Ballerina apparently went from crazy hooker princess to tasteful ballerina.

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